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ADA Compliance

All of our customers need to comply with Title III of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Our ADA compliance process and expertise help our customers maintain a quality reputation, and dodge a potential lawsuit. We have highly trained in-house professionals with significant ADA compliance experience. 

Architectual Design & Drawings 

Sheer Enterprises has been providing architecture and interior design to restaurants, rehabilitation centers, and retail locations since 1991. Our projects have included remodels, build-outs, expansions, ADA compliance, custom equipment and cabinetry, restrooms, concrete, curbing, and exterior design. 

Most commercial applications have acoustical ceilings, and Sheer Enterprises has developed into an expert in this field. We handle all aspects of acoustical ceilings including grid, ceiling tile, light fixtures, A/C returns and diffusers, exit signs, speakers, and all other penetrable items. 

We can install curbing, sidewalks, walkways, dumpster pads, dumpster aprons, ramps, stairways, large square foot areas, or any concrete required scopes of work. We can do stained concrete and polished concrete finishes as well. We know ADA code, and maintain ADA compliance with our concrete jobs.

Coolers & Freezers

Sheer Enterprises has worked with coolers and freezers at various capacities. We perform cooler and freezer rebuilds, replacements, installations, and repair work. Nearly all of your cooler and freezer needs can be completed while open, and does not require any shut-down time.

Counter & Shelving

Sheer Enterprises has provided custom counters and shelving for its clients since 1991. Whether it is wood, Corrian, granite, tile, stainless steel, or a mix of each, we can survey, draw, fabricate, and install any counter or shelving structure needed.

Custom Carpentry

 We have in-house master carpenters capable of performing exceptional carpentry work. Whether it involves crown molding, chair rail, base board, wall caps, or any level of trim work or custom carpentry, we can self-perform and exceed your expectations.


Regardless of the application, we take pride in purchasing and installing the highest quality doors, frames, and hardware still at competitive prices. We know that doors take abuse, and buying lesser quality products will not last. We stain or paint our doors to perfection based on the client’s specifications.

Dumpster Gates & Enclosures

Dumpster areas take a beating from waste removal trucks and employee abuse. We specialize in all kinds of dumpster gates and enclosures. We can design, fabricate, and install any gates. Our welded steel gates include posts, framing, hinges, with aluminum inserts for the doors. We can do wood frame gates, PVC gates, or even a custom gate such as corrugated paneling to match your interior or exterior design.

Electrical & Plumbing

We provide electrical services to our customers at multiple capacities. Whether it is a part of a larger project, or an independent scope of work, we understand the importance of your outlets, computers, lights, and equipment.

Equipment Installation

We are experienced in fabricating and installing intricate dish area equipment, extended cook line and bar equipment, elongated salad bar equipment, and a plethora of other items. Our finish carpenters can execute high end cabinetry, counters, shelving, and other accessories to complete an equipment installation.

Exterior Remodels

Remodeling the exterior of your facility is a requirement to keep up with competitors and customer perception. We have specialized in exterior rennovation for over twenty years, and have proven techniques to ensure customer satisfaction.


We specialize in FRP installation, and have standard-setting techniques that ensure a long-lasting finish. Part of our proven installation procedures involves only using solvent-based adhesive, and never water-based adhesives.  Although water-based adhesives are cheaper and easier to work with, the longevity is incomparable to solvent-based adhesive. 


We are capable of performing small HVAC jobs such as new return and supply vents, and also larger scope jobs such as new A/C units with build up roof curbs. Whatever your HVAC needs are, Sheer Enterprises will be able to assist

Interior Remodels

Remodeling the interior of your facility is a requirement to keep up with competitors and customer perception. We realize the biggest problem with an interior remodel, is how long it takes, the mess it makes, and the disruption to operations. 

Mold Remediation

As we all know, “mold” is a corporate danger word similar to “rat.” We are based out of humid South Florida, and although mold is impossible to avoid in any building in such an environment, sometimes mold grows to a dangerous quantity and can become a major concern. Health inspectors, employees, customers, or your neighbor on the other side of the demising wall can stir up major controversy when mold issues arise.


Everyone has preconceived notions about using public restrooms, which translates similarly to your customers using your restrooms. Restroom finishes must look clean. Sloppy grout lines, poor caulking, and spotty painting is unacceptable. We also understand that your restrooms take abuse, and need to be built solid.

Stainless Steel 

We only use T304 #4 polished stainless steel sheeting, outside corners and trim pieces, which is more durable and a higher quality stainless steel. Like our FRP installation, we have standard-setting techniques that ensure a long-lasting finish. Part of our proven installation procedures involves only using solvent-based adhesive, and never water-based adhesives. 

Tile & Grout

Sheer Enterprises self performs significant amounts of tile and grout work. We have developed proven methods and techniques that ensure a quality finished product, on an expedited schedule, with limited disruption to the facility. We can install any type of tile or grout.

Windows & Awnings 

We have designed and renovated windows and storefront doors for restaurants, health care facilities, retail, and many other commercial applications. We specialize in hurricane/impact windows/doors, fixed glass windows, storefront windows and doors, skylights, architectural windows, and automatic entrance doors. 

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