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In 2018 Sheer launched our service and reactive repairs division. This division is specifically built to act as a safety net to our in house crews and techs. Within our service and reactive division, we are able to commit to any work within 15 minutes whether we are using in house crews or outsourcing the work to one of our 1,000 vetted and on boarded subs throughout the country.


Within this division we can react immediately to both large emergency issues such as gas leaks or car strikes as well as the smaller needs such as flooring, electrical, and plumbing. Within our service division we are always available 24/7/365 to react to all of your maintenance needs and have built an on call team to ensure we always have coverage.

What we offer: 

  • Plumbing and Gas

  • Electrical

  • Carpentry

  • Doors

  • Painting

  • Lighting and LED

  • Flooring

  • Glass

  • Concrete and Asphalt 

  • Remediation 

  • Signage

  • Welding 

  • Structural 

  • Exterior Maintenance and more.


Do you have a project that needs attention immediately? Call us today at: 800-844-6554

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