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About Us


Sheer Enterprises is a Woman Owned Certified Building Contractor (CBC1257467) and Certified General Contractor (CGC1526255). We work exclusively in the commercial sector for large corporate multi-unit chains and specialize in Facilities Maintenance, Remodels, and Roll-outs.

Our work is conducted using a combination of our own highly skilled

in- house technicians, crews, and reliable long-term partner sub-contractors and providers. We have multiple offices throughout Florida and the rest of the U.S. strategically located to better serve the majority of the nation.

Over the past 30 years, Sheer has consistently evolved our abilities to support the needs of our customers. We have opened multiple offices throughout the U.S. and intend on opening other offices as needed to provide the most exceptional service and coverage. We are consistently involved with nationwide roll-out initiatives and remodels, and continue to develop and grow our nationwide coverage.

Our Mission

At Sheer Enterprises, our mission is to deliver exceptional remodels and buildouts for our commercial clients, with a steadfast focus on innovation, integrity, and unparalleled quality

Our Vision

Sheer Enterprises envisions becoming a leader in commercial construction, celebrated for our commitment to diversity, innovative high-quality remodels, and buildouts, all driven by a dedicated and diverse team of professionals who are deeply committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to consistently exceed client expectations, fostering a legacy of superior craftsmanship, inclusive practices, and lasting customer relationships.

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